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Why is ecommerce not showing up in GA4?

If ecommerce data is not showing up in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), there could be several reasons why. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Enhanced Ecommerce is not enabled: Ecommerce data can only be tracked in GA4 if Enhanced Ecommerce is enabled for your web data stream. You can check this by going to your GA4 property settings, selecting “Data Streams,” and verifying that Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting is toggled on for your web data stream.
  2. Ecommerce events are not being triggered: GA4 uses an event-based tracking model, so ecommerce data will only be collected when specific events occur on your website, such as a purchase or product view. If these events are not being triggered, no ecommerce data will be collected. You can check that your ecommerce events are firing properly by using the GA4 DebugView or Google Tag Assistant.
  3. Ecommerce parameters are not set up correctly: Ecommerce parameters such as product name, price, and quantity must be set up correctly in order for GA4 to properly report ecommerce data. Check that these parameters are being sent with the ecommerce events and that they are mapped correctly in your GA4 configuration.
  4. Data processing delay: It may take some time for GA4 to process and display ecommerce data in your reports. If you’ve recently enabled Enhanced Ecommerce or made changes to your ecommerce tracking setup, it may take some time before you see data in your reports.

If you’ve checked these potential issues and still can’t see ecommerce data in GA4, it may be worth reaching out to Google Analytics support for further assistance.