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How do I enable ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics 4?

To enable ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics 4, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Enable Enhanced Ecommerce: Go to your GA4 property settings and select “Data Streams” in the left-hand navigation. Select your web data stream and click on “More Tagging Settings.” Then, toggle on “Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” and click “Save.”
  2. Set up the ecommerce events: Use the GA4 event model to set up ecommerce events, such as “add_to_cart,” “purchase,” and “refund.” You can do this through Google Tag Manager or by modifying your website’s code.
  3. Add parameters to the ecommerce events: Add parameters to your ecommerce events to capture information such as the product name, price, and quantity. These parameters will be used to populate your ecommerce reports.
  4. Verify your implementation: Once you’ve set up your ecommerce tracking, you can verify that it’s working properly by checking the Ecommerce Overview report in GA4.

Note that the specific steps you need to take to enable ecommerce tracking may vary depending on your website’s setup and the ecommerce platform you’re using. For more detailed information on setting up ecommerce tracking in GA4, you can refer to the Google Analytics documentation.