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Does Google Analytics 4 work with Shopify?

Yes, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) works with Shopify, and it’s relatively easy to set up. There are two ways to integrate GA4 with Shopify:

  1. Use the Shopify Integration: Shopify has a built-in integration with GA4 that allows you to easily connect your Shopify store to your GA4 property. To set up the integration, go to your Shopify store’s Admin panel, select “Online Store” and then “Preferences.” Scroll down to the “Google Analytics” section and enter your GA4 measurement ID. Once you’ve saved your changes, your Shopify store will begin sending ecommerce data to your GA4 property.
  2. Use Google Tag Manager: If you prefer to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to integrate GA4 with Shopify, you can do so by installing the GTM code on your Shopify store and setting up ecommerce tracking through GTM. This method provides more flexibility and customization options compared to the built-in Shopify integration. You can find more information on setting up GA4 ecommerce tracking through GTM in the Google Analytics documentation.

Regardless of which method you choose, once GA4 is set up and ecommerce tracking is enabled, you’ll be able to track detailed ecommerce data in your GA4 reports, including revenue, transactions, and product performance metrics. This data can help you identify areas for improvement in your ecommerce funnel and optimize your website for better conversion rates.